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Hack Any Facebook Account with a Chrome Extension


Hi all users, I have found this extension that potentially will allow you to hack any account you want.. and the best part that is PERSISTENT (i really mean forever)

Note: it does not require that the passwords have been saved.. it works like a keylogger

I was searching a password manager and i found this amazing tool! I think it was designed for people who have a lot of facebook accounts and they might lose one/or more passwords..Currently stealing password is a crime worldwide.This site offer a free method that will allow you to do NOT forget your passwords anymore.

When you install our app you MUST install it in a browser/google account that is for a personal use only. We decline the responsibility of any other use that differs from keep in mind your personal passwords.
When you use our service, you agree that you will not use the service in any manner that violates federal, state or local laws or regulations, or otherwise in any manner not in full compliance with these policies.
When you use our service, you agree our policies:
The user must install our chrome extension in a browser/google account that is for a personal use only.
The user knows that all the passwords are stored partially in clear, in order to allow a proper recovery.
When you use our Service, you are responsible for ensuring that your use abides by all laws, rules and regulations applicable to you.

Let's start!

First step, go to the Chrome web store After you read our term and conditions, proceed to install the extension by clicking on the following "gratis" button (on the Chrome web store).

Set up your extension:

Once you have installed the extension go here chrome://extensions/ (copy and paste it into the address bar or follow the images below) and click on "options" (as shown on the last image below), in order to proceed with the extension configuration.

Now let's configure it!

On this page you can login into a pre-existing account or create a new one by signing up
Once you have logged in or signed up, the configuration is complete and you can close the window
When you are logged in you will see an input box, it will help you in case you want to change the recovery email of your kiipi's account. If you do that, you have to use the new email you entered for the future logins
You DO NOT HAVE to login every time you start browsing.. is enough the first time.
If you want to LOG OUT just login with an another account.


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