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How to Hack Facebook Status by SMS Spoofing


How to Hack Facebook Status by SMS Spoofing

1.   Goto the site and click on the Sign Up option..

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2.   Now, Fill all detail & its important to fill your valid mobile no. & email because password on it.

3.   After you Successfully completed the registration, you will receive a sms on your number. Just use that password and your Username to login. After you successfully login, you will see a similar page. Click on the ‘Send SMS to Number’ option from the Left pane.

4.   The First Textbox is for Receiver’s number. Just insert the number which is used to update the status or comment on Facebook through mobile. This number is Country specific.

For e.g : In India, its 919232232665.

The 91 is the Country Code and the remaing 9232232665 is the real number.

So just write your Country specific Facebook Number for Facebook Mobile.

5.   The Second Textbox is for Sender’s Number. Just write the Mobile number of the Victim who have Activated Facebook Mobile.

For e.g : Here its, 911234567890. Again, the 91 is for Country Code and the remaining is the Victim’s 10 digit Mobile number.

6.   Leave the Message Template option as it is.

7.   Write the Message you want to write in the Status of Victim’s Profile. Sometimes, it may take around a minute or 2, so just wait and watch.

Some Important Points To Remember:-

1.   The Sender’s Number (Facebook Mobile Number) and the Receiver’s Number (Victim’s Number), should be Precedded by the Country Code and then the Number.

2.   WWW.SMSGLOBAL.COM allows only 25 SMS per Registration. So, as long as you have more Mobile Number to receive Password on it, You can keep trying.

3.   This Trick requires the Victim to have Facebook activated on Mobile (Facebook via Mobile). If the Victim has not activated it, the Method is Invain !!

Check for the ‘Info’ Option in Profile of the Person you want to victimize. If the ‘Info’ contains the Phone Number, the Chances are high that he/she may have activated the Facebook Mobile. So, Just Try Your Luck !!!


Just Paste the Following Link in your Address bar to find out Mobile numbers of all the Freiends in your List !!!

ENJOY THE TRICK ............................................... Registered & Protected

Best Way to Bypass Captcha Verification 100% Working


Hi all users, as you experienced some web services uses Captcha image verification to restrict entry to bots for improving the security and automated registrations. But sometimes these captcha codes become very annoying and hard to read even by humans and becomes more time consuming process.


But don't worry I've a solution for you. Today I will teach you how to bypass all these annoying captchas. Rumola, a new browser addon, will be helpful for you in this situation which allows you to bypass captcha verification and automatically fills the captcha codes in websites for you.

How to Bypass Captcha verification using Rumola ?

1. First of all Register an account at Rumola by clicking here. (you’ll get 10 free trials at registration)

2. Install the addon required for your browser.

 3.After installing the addon, restart your browser if required. Once the plugin is activated, it will automatically start filling captchas for you.
Below screenshot shows Rumola in action bypassing captcha input from user :

How This Service Works ?

CAPTCHA stands of "Completely Automated Public Turing-test to tell Computers and Humans Apart", in simple words it's a type of challenge-response test used in computing as an attempt to ensure that the response is generated by a person (according to Wikipedia), that means it's all about reading the word by yourself and writing it as it is using your own mind/logic isn't it ? So you may think how they fool captcha ? but you're wrong. Well let me tell how they do this.

They give you free first 10 entries during the first week after registration. Their service is based on speed. Just an instant and your captcha will appear on the other end of their planet where their workers are always ready to enter your captcha.

Note :- Once you start to fill other fields or double click captcha field, Rumola will initiate captcha recognition and read the numbers & letters and puts them in the box for you.

Make data transfer fast by copyfaster


Are you getting the best performance out of your system? Let CopyFaster bring out the best in your hard drive!
CopyFaster is a software utility that enables Windows Explorer to copy big files faster when copying to and from the same hard drive.

CopyFaster is faster because:

Less seeking - CopyFaster?s finer control over the copying process causes less time-consuming movement of the hard disk head. CopyFaster will try to read from the same section of the hard disk (where the head is positioned) multiple times before causing the head to move to another position (which is time consuming).

Uncached file access - CopyFaster bypasses Windows 2000?s file cache which normally speeds up repeated access to the same file, but is less useful for big files. Bypassing the file cache prevents extra wasted memory-to-memory copying from occurring.

Download CopyFaster free from official website

How To Recover Deleted Sms From Your Nokia Java Based Phones


I am Using Nokia Cell Phones From Last 4-5 Years But Didn't Found Any Serious Bug In Them,After all Nokia Is A Big Multi National Company.

But Belive Me...Nokia Cell Phone Also Contains Some Serious Bugs..By Which We Can Able To Retrive Our Deleted SMS..

This Bug Is First Discovered By "Davide Del Vecchio". He Writes Nokia About That Bug.But They Don't Give Any Intention To Release A Patch For It.

And One Of INfoTechno Reader Commented On That Article That 70% of Nokia Phones Are Java Enabled...So Today I have Decided To Show You A Trick By Which You Can Able To Retrive 

Or Recover Your Deleted SMS from Your Java Enabled Nokia Phones. :)

So Here's The Trick..

STEP 1: First Download And Install A Nokia Pc Suite For Your Mobile Phone.
You Can Download It From Here.

STEP 2  :Connect Your Mobile Phone With Pc Suite.

STEP 3:  Now Create A backup For Your Mobile Contents On Your Hard disk.

STEP 4: It Will Create A Huge Number Of .dat Files On Specified Directory.

STEP 5: Download And Install Software Named "Cygwin" From Here.

Cygwin Is A software Which Gives A linux Environment On Windows.

STEP 6: Open Cygwin And Open Your Backup Directory.

by Using Cd Command.
Syntax for that command Is.

Cd "full path to your specified directory". (without Quotes)

STEP 7  Then After Type "ls -al | less" without Quotes And Press Enter.
You Will See Something Like This.

total 0016

 drwx------+ 2 Administrator Akv      0 Feb  6 01:35 .
 drwx------+ 7 Administrator Akv      0 Feb  5 23:00 ..
-rwx------+ 1 Administrator Akv   2972 Nov 27  2003 1.dat
-rwx------+ 1 Administrator Akv  22913 Nov 27  2003 10.dat

STEP 8: Now Choose A File To Examine.

For i.e Type "
strings 3102.dat | less"
where 3102.dat is a file name for which you want to examine.

And Press Enter.
You Will See Some Part Of the Deleted SMS Like.

Hello How Are Yo

STEP 9:  Now Just Search For The Matching Text By Using Grep Command...Now Type

grep -i "Hello How Are Yo"

And Press Enter
you Will See Something Like This..

Binary file 1770.dat matches

Binary file 3102.dat matches

"3102.dat is The file That We are Examining and 1770.dat is the File That Contains the Complete SMS"

STEP 10:  Now Type "
strings 1770.dat"
where 1770.dat is Your File Name.

And Press Enter


The Complete SMS is On Your Screen...