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7 New Cool Features in iOS 5 For iPhone and iPad


 I started learning about useful features and really appreciated the efforts Steve Jobs has done for humanity. I am sharing most useful features as per fulfillment of my requirements.


I believe you are aware of BBM BlackBerry Messenger a free SMS service among the BB users, new iOS 5 also features iMessage facility that can be used among the iPhone users free and shall definitely reduce the sms costs of its users. Although this service will use the data from your phone provider but the cost will be much lesser than the standard SMS charges especially internationally. I have not yet started using this app.


I find this feature very appealing and giving more peace of mind. If you have a missed call or a message on Facebook or Twitter you are able to see on your lock screen all messages listed. Just swipe your finger across the notification and corresponding application will be opened directly. Like if you received a message on Facebook swipe right and you can type the reply in Facebook interface.
If you swipe to unlock, the notification(s) will disappear, your notifications are now kept in new notification center, swipe to the down from top and you will see all your notifications at one place. Now you can go to specific application by tapping a notification.

My notification center was crowded due to too many messages from Twitter and Facebook so I customized the notification center. Go to Settings > Notifications and customize or turn it off if you want.

Easy Launching of Camera Application
Many time I wanted to take a snap and while opening the camera the scene was changed, thanks to iOS developer they understand our problems and now you can open the camera by double clicking the only available button in iPhone4/S. You will get 2 options, one for playing your recent track and second for opening the camera… Isn’t it coooooooooool. Also Apple has allowed you to take pictures using volume up button.

Picture Editing
Now you can edit your newly taken pictures by just clicking Edit button on right upper corner and you are given four options for photo editing. After editing you can save your pictures.
1. Crop
2. Auto Enhance
3. Rotate
4. Red Eye Removal

Tasks / Reminders Application
This application integrates all your pending tasks and beauty of the new feature is that you can set location based reminders so that if you reach somewhere you know what I have to do.

The best feature which I like is this one now you don’t need to connect your iPhone or iPad to your PC using cable only connect your iOS devices to a power source turn on the WiFi Syn application and get connected, it is required that both your machines should be on the same network.

Twitter Integration

Now you can send tweets using the common iOS applications like Facebook, YouTube, Safari, maps and Camera. All you need to do is setup your Twitter integration settings go to Settings > Twitter and select the applications you want to integrate although it will automatically integrate with available application on your iDevice. Also in contacts you can give Twitter profile of a contact and while Tweeting auto complete will work based upon saved profiles.
There are many many features that we need to explore the things which I got in last two days I have shared with you and very soon will contribute more. If you have come to know more cool features please write to us or give your feedback in our c
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