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Get Gmail Mail Alerts on your Mobile by SMS FREE


  • First Sign up an account with
  • After SignUp you will get a confirmation code on the Mobile to Prove your Authentication,If you verify the code your account will be activated.
  • Login to your account in 
  • After that Go to Mail Alerts Section,which is just located besides,see the bellow image.


then you will see this window.........

copy the highlighted text ...
  • Logon to your Gmail account
  • click on settings & then click on 'FORWARDING/POP/IMAP' option
  • Select 'Forward a copy of incoming mail to" option & Enter your Way2SMS Email ID there.

  • Gmail sends a verification code to
  • You will receive gmail confirmation mail alert on your mobile with subject line containing confirmation code.
  • Copy and paste the verification code in Gmail verification box.Click On Verfy.
  • Finished. You will now receive alerts for every incoming mail that arrives in your gmail id. Registered & Protected


Kumar said...

I came across a site called It sends out email alerts on sms instantly within 30 seconds. I tried it with email account and it truly notifies me as sms whenever I get email in my inbox.

Nikhil chawra (Nk) said...