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How To Recover Deleted Sms From Your Nokia Java Based Phones


I am Using Nokia Cell Phones From Last 4-5 Years But Didn't Found Any Serious Bug In Them,After all Nokia Is A Big Multi National Company.

But Belive Me...Nokia Cell Phone Also Contains Some Serious Bugs..By Which We Can Able To Retrive Our Deleted SMS..

This Bug Is First Discovered By "Davide Del Vecchio". He Writes Nokia About That Bug.But They Don't Give Any Intention To Release A Patch For It.

And One Of INfoTechno Reader Commented On That Article That 70% of Nokia Phones Are Java Enabled...So Today I have Decided To Show You A Trick By Which You Can Able To Retrive 

Or Recover Your Deleted SMS from Your Java Enabled Nokia Phones. :)

So Here's The Trick..

STEP 1: First Download And Install A Nokia Pc Suite For Your Mobile Phone.
You Can Download It From Here.

STEP 2  :Connect Your Mobile Phone With Pc Suite.

STEP 3:  Now Create A backup For Your Mobile Contents On Your Hard disk.

STEP 4: It Will Create A Huge Number Of .dat Files On Specified Directory.

STEP 5: Download And Install Software Named "Cygwin" From Here.

Cygwin Is A software Which Gives A linux Environment On Windows.

STEP 6: Open Cygwin And Open Your Backup Directory.

by Using Cd Command.
Syntax for that command Is.

Cd "full path to your specified directory". (without Quotes)

STEP 7  Then After Type "ls -al | less" without Quotes And Press Enter.
You Will See Something Like This.

total 0016

 drwx------+ 2 Administrator Akv      0 Feb  6 01:35 .
 drwx------+ 7 Administrator Akv      0 Feb  5 23:00 ..
-rwx------+ 1 Administrator Akv   2972 Nov 27  2003 1.dat
-rwx------+ 1 Administrator Akv  22913 Nov 27  2003 10.dat

STEP 8: Now Choose A File To Examine.

For i.e Type "
strings 3102.dat | less"
where 3102.dat is a file name for which you want to examine.

And Press Enter.
You Will See Some Part Of the Deleted SMS Like.

Hello How Are Yo

STEP 9:  Now Just Search For The Matching Text By Using Grep Command...Now Type

grep -i "Hello How Are Yo"

And Press Enter
you Will See Something Like This..

Binary file 1770.dat matches

Binary file 3102.dat matches

"3102.dat is The file That We are Examining and 1770.dat is the File That Contains the Complete SMS"

STEP 10:  Now Type "
strings 1770.dat"
where 1770.dat is Your File Name.

And Press Enter


The Complete SMS is On Your Screen...


Tenzing Tsewang said...

Hello, can you please tell me more about step 6. I stuck. Please.

Nikhil chawra (Nk) said...

what kind of prob u face in step 6 ???

Anonymous said...

The backup file extension is nbu..
How can i open this file in Cygwin?