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Make Your moving ANd Coping Quickly With TeraCopy


TeraCopy is a simple utility that you can use to improve the Windows file transfer process. The process of moving/copying files in Windows can be quite time-consuming, especially when dealing with big sized files or large numbers of small files. This small program is developed to speed up this process. In addition, the users have more information about the files that they transfer.

Once the program is installed, you have the option to set TeraCopy as the default copy handler. This application stands as a great alternative to the classic Copy function provided by Windows. In order to open the interface of the program just run TeraCopy.exe. Also, TeraCopy supports shell menu integration so you can also run it from the "Properties" context menu of the files or folders selected for transfer. Using TeraCopy, you are able to easily transfer files by copying or moving them to specific locations.

After selecting all the data a second window will appear. This compact window is a more complex version of the Windows progress bar. You can expand this window and view detailed information about the source files by pressing the "More" button. The user is able to drag and drop files/folders into this window, choose the file transfer type and watch the whole process for each file.

TeraCopy offers you the possibility to easily pause or resume the transfer process at any time. You are able to verify the transfer after it is finished. The application can be configured to skip the files that cannot be moved, therefore saving your precious time.

File handling in Windows will be definitely improved with TeraCopy!

You can Download Teracopy from Here