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Earn Money With Facebook & Twitter


Twitter is one of the top social communities like facebook. Twitter is one of the best ways to build leads to business and network and that is the reason why there are many opportunities to earn from twitter. This article provides you different options to explain different ways to earn from twitter.

Basics of Twitter

Twitter is social media community which helps you to get connected with your friends, business and relatives. Twitter is free to join as other social media communities such as Facebook

Join free in twitter here — Join Twitter here.

Select a username with which your friends can identify you easily. After selecting your username and confirming your user name, send request for all of your friends and colleagues to follow you.

If any follows you on twitter, they are called followers. If you have good number of twitter followers or expert in any subject or business executive, then you can use twitter to earn money from tweeting and also use twitter to promote your small business online.

Twitter allows you to update status and write whatever you like or what every you want to promote in 140 characters. Everything you write in twitter is called Tweet. In simple words, you earn money tweeting with twitter.

140 character tweet is one of the most powerful way to spread your business to the outer world. This 140 character tweet can provide huge potential to earn from web. Once you have good number of twitter followers, you can get started to earn from twitter through twitter advertisers. Given below are the top advertisers that are helping top tweeters to earn money online.
Top Sites to Earn money Tweeting from Twitter

Given below are the Top sites that help you to connect with advertisers and earn money from twitter. These sites are free to join and you can earn good money from these sites.

1. Earn Money Tweeting with Sponsored Tweets

Sponsored tweets is another highest paying twitter advertising site. Many top twitter users have joined in this site and that is the reason, twitter advertising is useful for businesses online. Many businesses all over the world compete to start using sponsored tweets for their targeted traffic. Sponsoredtweets has partnered with UTV in India and they are many popular game players, film stars, politicians who are using Sponsored tweets.

After Magpie merged with Sponsored Tweets, it has become the leading twitter advertising network in web.

Minimum payout is 50$ and they pay through paypal. However you can check out any time for less but they charge 2$. i.e., if you earned 20$ and want to check out, you will get 18$ with 2$ deduction.

You can join Sponsored Tweets for free with the link here —-> Join Sponsored Tweets for free

2. Earn Money Tweeting with Mylikes

Mylikes is another powerful twitter advertising sites. In the beginning mylikes was very popular and highly paying. It used to pay twice a week directly to paypal and minimum payout was only 2$.

Another advantage of Mylikes is that it allows you to integrate your twitter, facebook, blogger, friendfeed accounts with mylikes, increase your engagement score. Higher is your engagement score, higher is the opportunity to earn from this site. In simple words, higher is your engagement score, they pay you more for your tweet.

Mylikes also pays per click. If your friends click on the advertisers link in the tweet, you get paid.

You can join mylikes for free with the link here —> Join Mylikes for free

3. Earn Money tweeting with revtwt
Revtwt is another twitter advertising site which pays the least. Revtwt is site which allows you to earn per tweet and also provides advertising for your blog. If you don’t have approved adsense or chitika, the final option you can go with revtwt.

It is also free to join. Minimum payout is 20$. Join Revtwt for free with the link here —–> Join Revtwt for free