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How to Have An Anonymous Number ?


Today I'm gonna tell you a simple yet very effective trick to have anonymous mobile number to bypass any verification, which need mobile number. So let's get started.

You Need Following Android App:

  • Text plus
  • Burner

Now what you have to do is download and install above apps on your smartphone, and when you have it downloaded open the app, click sign up. It will ask for a email. You can skip that! Just put a fake name. Make sure you remember your username and password you might need it sometime. 

How to find your text plus number? 

At the top right corner click that go to settings and then contact info. Your number should be at the bottom. 

Now open the Burner app and click get started. Enter your text plus number and leave the other box blank. Type in the verification code when you receive it. There you go! It is very simple to figure out how to use the app.