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Nexus 6 Rumors and Expectations


Google is undoubtedly the sire of the internet world. Its smartphone’s series called Nexus is too quite a popular and a hot property of the smart phone market.
Historically, the Google is supposed to launch only one Nexus smart phone every year that too at the end of the year. The last launched Nexus 5 was a successful phone which was like all the rendezvous of all the trending and current technology at affordable prices.
So, next in the series is Nexus 6 and many rumors are around the corner regarding the specs and features of this much awaited smartphone.
The most rumored thing about this phone is that it would be manufactured by Lenovo as Google recently sold the not so successful brand of its Motorola for 3 Billion US $ to it.
But, until or unless the phone is launched, we can’t say anything. Though, some rumors and expectations are here below based on the market sources.
nexus 6 concept
Nexus 6 concept design by Jo Enaje
Design and Display
As the curved and flexible displays are getting very much attention after the trend started by Samsung Galaxy Curve and LG G Flex, it will be interesting to see that how Google approaches this technology.
People are expecting more on this curved side with UHD display, but, with more ease to handle and keep the phone in the pocket.
The size of display is also a point of concern as 5 inch screen is common, so Google could go for a bigger screen like 5.5 inch with a screen resolution of nearly 2640*1280p for Nexus 6.
Processor and Android
If rumors are to be believed, then Nexus 6 will be powered by a high class octa-core 2.5 GHz processor with at least 4 GB of RAM (expected) as the Nexus 5 already touched the mark of 3 GB RAM.
The Google is also planning to use the latest version of android for this Nexus phone. Android 4.4 ‘Kitkat’ is what you’re thinking? No, I said the word latest! Android 4.5 ‘Lollypop’ is what’s on the cards for the Nexus 6.
Camera and Features
You remember the tagline of Nexus 5 camera ‘capture the moments that matter’. Well, the high quality camera of Nexus 5 has just burdened up the expectations for Nexus 6 as it is supposed to have a 12 MP camera according to the rumors and with the features like 360 degree view, burst shot and auto save on Goggle+.
The front camera is also expected to be at least 2+ MP with 1080p@30fps video recording capacity.
If we talk about more features that people would like to see as the giants like Samsung has shown immense improvement with fingerprints and other biometric technology than, Nexus 6 should get the above feature along with glitch free air gesture and better face detection for security purpose.
Memory and Battery
The Nexus 5 was available in 16 GB and 32 GB version of internal memory. Now, as the processor and RAM could get better in the next launch than previous ones, the rumors are that the Nexus 6 might get available in a 64 GB version too.
The more colors are also expected like other manufactures except the traditional black and white.
The battery backup issues are always having been a nightmare for the smartphone users. With the tons of apps and features, the battery should provide a decent backup.
Nexus 6 might have a 3100+ mAh battery, according to the market birds to resolve this issue as the last phone has many complaints for its backup.
Price and Release Date
The smartphone with features like air gesture and fingerprint scanner, high end processor and RAM with the latest android and 64 GB of internal memory will surely be an expensive thing to owe.
The expected price for the 64 GB model with all the above features, if they come will be around 500 US $ or more. But, it’s worth it, I guess! What’d you say?
Google launches its smart phone at the beginning of November or later, after mixing up all the current trends and technology in its phone I think!
But, this time it could be before that in order to get the triumph before others. May be in October or so.
Wrap Up
If we look at all the rumors and mix our expectations with them then, the Nexus 6 is going to prove a milestone for the smartphone era. This will satisfy all the needs of a smart phone lover and people would like to light up their pockets to owe a device like the Nexus 6.