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How to Pause or Stop Gmail from Receiving Incoming Emails


Email is, no doubt, the best way to mail someone without involving any physical transfers of letters or the transportation. But over the years our inbox had been controlled by others. Whenever someone wished to send us an email, our inbox received it. I always wanted some feature that allowed us to enable or disable receiving the emails.
Just think you are out  on some vacation with family, and you receive some email from office. I am sure you won’t like that and you will have to go on and read the email. Wouldn’t you find it helpful if there had been some plug-in or some tool that can enable us to stop or pause the incoming emails on our will and as long as we wanted, still letting the email senders know that we haven’t read the email?
Well, if you are a Chrome or Firefox user, then here is an extension right for you called Inbox Pause. As the name of this add-on/extension suggests, it is a plug-in for your browser installing which puts a Pause/Unpause button right besides the Gmail Mail drop down. If you click the Pause button, then your inbox will go into a paused state that means you will no longer receive an email, and the senders will be notified with the custom message that you will put (this will notify them that you have not currently read the email and the replies will be delayed).
Stop Gmail from Receiving Incoming Emails
You don’t need to worry about the incoming emails, as they will be temporarily stored with “paused” label and will not be shown to you until you unpause the inbox back. Also you will see a message on the email header that you have currently Paused the inbox and need to Unpause it back to read the received emails.
The service is so interesting that it protects you from receiving emails whenever you don’t want, still letting know your email senders about the email status. You can set a custom message on the auto-responder mentioning that you have currently paused your inbox, and cant read the emails. Also ask them to call you on your cell if it is urgent.
Although it uses the same concept as the out-of-office service, but is easier to use.
You can download the extension by visiting the link below.