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How to update facebook status via Popular Devices & Funky Gadgets


How to update facebook status via Popular Devices & Funky GadgetsHi reader's i am back with a funny trick.With this trick you can impress your friends on facebook.This is a really cool fully working trick by which you can amaze your friends by updating your facebook status via iPhone 5,Samsung Galaxy S5,Blackberry and from many other mobile phones.You might have seen

whenever you update your facebook status with any mobile phone,facebook always mention your device name generally "via mobile".Like that if your post something on facebook from iPhone then it will show as via iPhone,for that just you have to purchase iPhone.But if you are searching to update your facebook status via different mobile phones without having it then you are absolutely right here.Today we are going to learn How to update your facebook status via different devices without having it.What you actually have to do is Click and Post your status on to your facebook wall using any of the Devices from your choice below.

Update status via Iphone 5S

Update status via Google Glass

Update via Samsung Galaxy S5

 Update via Sony Xperia™ Z2

Update via Nexus 7

Update via Sony Xperia™ Z Ultra 

Update Via iPhone 5c

Update via Blackberry Q10

Update via Samsung Galaxy S3

Update Via Blackberry Z10

Update Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

Update Via Blackberry

Update Via iPad 3

Update Via Samsung Galaxy Note III

Update via hTC One Max

Update Via HTC Sense

Update Via Sony Xperia Z

Update Via Nokia 1100 

 Update via nokia 3310

Update Via SonyEricsson

Update Facebook Status via iOS

Update Facebook Status via Nokia Lumia 1520

Update Status via Nexus 5

Update Status via Sony Xperia Z1

Update Status via Nokia Lumia 1020

Update Status Via Sony Xperia Tablet Z Wifi

Update Status Via Nokia Lumia 928

Update Facebook Status Via Windows Phone

Update Via FBI

Update Via iPhone 6

Update Via Skynet

Update Via Skype

Update Via Google Search

Update Via Battlefield 3

Update Via Nokia 808 PureView

Update Via iPad Mini

Update via Apple Ipad 2

Update Via Akash Tablet

Update Via Calculator

Update Via iPhone 4S

Update Via Apple iMac 27-inch

Update Via Ipin

Update via Ovi by Nokia

Update via Google+

Update via Toilet

Update via The Moon

Update via Refrigerator

Update via Your Mom’s Bedroom

Update via Pizza Hut

Update via My Bedroom

Update Via YouTube

Update Via Alcohol

Update Via Banana

Update Via NASA Satellite

Update Via Cigarettes

Update Via KFC

Update Via Mc donalds

Update Via Burger King

Update via Xbox LIVE Social Experience

Update via Facebook® for Palm OS

Update via nintendo 64

Update via Foursquare

Update via Facebook for Every Phone

Update via Facebook for Android

Update via Glade Air Freshener

Update via Smoke Signal

Update via TARDIS