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7 Sites to Send SMS for Free without Registration


Most of us chat with our Friends using our Cell Phone and Many of us used to send SMS online to our Friends and Family . For that we need to Register in Some Site and always need to login into your account in order to send a SMS.  There are many sites to send Free SMS.

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But what if there will be a site where you can send SMS to anyone without Registering or without telling your Number to the Receiver. I mean you do not need to Register yourself in Order to send an SMS . In other words the receiver will not be able to know your Number. Yes this is now Possible.
Previously I have posted about Send free SMS without Registration in 160 Character , but now I have a List of few Sites from whcih you can send SMS for Free without Registration in India .

Here we Go -

No Registration or Login required. Send Unlimited 160 Characters Sms. You Check Message Delivery Report in Real Time. They Don’t Include Any Ads Along With Your Sms. Very High Speed Message Delivery System.


Send Upto 500Charecters SMS. All GSM and CDMA network Supported. No ads and Very High speed delivery.


Here you can send SMS and MMS throughout the World for free without Registration.


 Free SMS India: Send free sms to all GSM CDMA mobiles from your computer without registration.



Send Free SMS without registration


Write mobile number and message you want to send and click on send.


So here were the List of the Top 7 SMS sites from where you can send SMS for Free without Registration.


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