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For all the complaints against apple for making it hard to get an

application registered and sold in the Apple store, there are some very
cool applications that can be used to set up your Iphone or other apple
Iphone OS based system into an excellent scanning and pseudo hacker
tool. These are the products you want to get if you are a security

Security Scanner by Tommy Kammerer

A full featured port scanner for your Iphone, IPod or soon to be
Ipad that will help you figure out what systems have what ports open on
a remote computer. Cost is 1.99 and it works quite well, but at times a
bit slow depending on the network you are working with. This is the
coolest tool out there right now to use an IPod/Ipad/Iphone for
security work.

iNet Pro Network Scanner

This one is more detailed in terms of providing the name, IP
address and number of services running on each computer that it
encounters. Works excellent on an Iphone/IPod meaning it will work
great on an Ipad as well.

iTap RDP Client for Windows by HLW

This application completely rocks and is very easy to use. It works
on all the Iphone/Ipod systems that I tested this on and allowed remote
access. Saving off the data from the security scanner you can use this
tool for checking Windows based systems that might be improperly

iTap VNC Client

Same as the iTap RDP Client – just works on VNC systems and is the
most expensive application of the lot. Works very well and if the VNC
server is not set up right can help you figure out how to connect to
systems that are improperly configured or are not using a good password

WiFi Analyzer

A very simple WiFi analyzer to let you know what networks are
around you and which ones are secure and which ones are not. Very
similar to any other wireless network analyzer on the market, this one
works on your IPod/Iphone and should work great on an Ipad.

With these tools you can turn your Iphone/IPod and soon to be Ipad
into a relatively robust and portable security/hacker system that will
let you know a lot about the networks you are connecting too. These are
some very cool applications and for around 40 dollars in total these
can be yours and working very quickly on your IPod/Iphone.