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How TO Install DropBox


How does Dropbox work?

At its most basic level, Dropbox is just another folder on your computer, and appears just like any other folder on your computer. However, the exception to a Dropbox folder is that any files you store in this folder are automatically synchronised with any other computer or device which you have linked to your Dropbox account. As such any changes, additions, deletions to files are synchronised too.
Imagine you have installed Dropbox on your computer in the UK, and you're just about to leave for a holiday at your villa in Turkey, but you have some files you need to take with you to use on your computer in Turkey. With Dropbox, all you have to do is to copy the files to your Dropbox folder on your UK computer. Then when you get to Turkey, install Dropbox on your local computer, and then through the power of Dropbox and the internet, the files from the UK computer will 'magically' appear on the computer in Turkey.
Best of all, the basic package is free, and very easy to use.

Installing Dropbox

  1. Download full version of Dropbox from Here

  2. Fill in the "Create a Free Dropbox Account" form, Click "Create Account"
    Installing dropbox - step 1: Create an account
  3. You will now see a download screen, your download should automatically start. Once the download has finished, launch the download by clicking either "Open", or "Run", or alternatively locate the downloaded file and double-click it. The installation process should now start.

  4. If you get a warning about running the installation, just click Run.
    Installing dropbox - step 2: Windows warnings
  5. Also click past any other installation warning you receive.

  6. The installation will now start, click "Install" to start"
    Installing dropbox - step 3: Welcome to Dropbox setup
  7. Wait a couple of minutes for the installation to complete. On the next screen you will need to choose "I don't have a Dropbox account", and click "Next"
    Installing dropbox - step 4: Do you have a Dropbox account?
  8. You will now need to complete your personal information for your Dropbox account, this information is required to ensure security to your account. Please ensure you use a secure password. Click "Next" when you're done.

    Installing dropbox - step 5: Your dropbox information

  9. Wait a few seconds for the information to be submitted, you will then see the account selection screen where you can choose which level of account you would like. Chose the top (free) option: "2GB Free". Click "Next" (note: if you have used the above referral link you will actually receive 2.25GB space).
    Installing dropbox - step 6: Select your dropbox package
  10. Now choose "Typical" and click "Next"
    Installing dropbox - step 7: Choose Dropbox setup type
  11. The next few screens provide a tour - please take the time to look through this and get used to the concept of Dropbox.
  12. You're now done and can start using Dropbox!