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How To Install VirtualBox on Windows 7


Installing VirtualBox 4.0 on Windows 7

Download Virtual box from here

Figure 1: Choose the installation options you want for VirtualBox
You have the option to install shortcuts to the desktop and to the Quick Launch bar. In Figure 2, you’ll see that you can simply deselect the checkbox next to a selection if you don’t want that particular shortcut.


Figure 2: Should any shortcuts be created?

During installation, network connections will be reset and you might temporarily lose network connectivity. The screen in Figure 3 provides you with ample warning.


Figure 3: A warning regarding network interfaces
Once you’ve made your selections, click the Install button to proceed.


Figure 4: Click the Install button to proceed

At various points during the installation, the installer will ask you if you want to install device driver software. In order for VirtualBox to be feature-complete, you should click the Install button each time one of these windows (Figure 5) pops up.

Figure 5: Install device drivers
Once the process is complete, you’ll be presented with a window indicating such (Figure 6).


 Figure 6: The VirtualBox installation is complete

 Once the installation is complete move on to installing the VirtualBox Extension Pack. Once the file is downloaded, run it. You’ll get a screen like the one shown in Figure 7 in which you’re asked if you want to install the Extension Pack. Click the Install button to proceed. You’re also asked to agree to the extension license (not shown).

Figure 7:
Install VirtualBox Extensions
Verify that the extensions have been successfully installed by going to File > Preferences > Extensions. You’ll get a list of the extensions that have been installed on your system.


Figure 8: The extension was successfully installed

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