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FireFox: Lock Your Browser MenuBar With Password


FireFox Menu Locker.

If you want to make privacy for your browser or want to lock menu bar with password you can use this extension its really fantastic plugin. you can lock it any time with a click just right click and choose last option it will be locked when you restart your browser.when you restart your browser till you will not enter passwords you will not able you to use menu bar Here is also a tutorial how you can do this, i given full details below also check more Extension for Firefox.

You should note that the menu bar stays locked as long as you don’t unlock it. It increases privacy and prevents other users from accessing your history, bookmarks and other private browsing data.

How to:

  • Get Your Extension Here just go there and Install the extension.
  • After installation Restart your Browser and Right click on your browser and click on Lock Menubar.
  • It will show you a message (your menubar will be locked when you next time open your browser)

  • Restart your browser again and it will ask you password for when you click on menubar

Hope you like it if you really like feel free to share this.