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Password Protect your USB with MyUsbOnly tool


Sometimes we want to password protect or lock our computer’s USB Ports to restrict certain users to use the USB port for their purposes. This is very helpful to the people who have secret information in their system and want to hide it from the others.
So if you also want to disable and password protect your USB drive for certain or all USB drives then here is the free software for you called MyUSBOnly.
MyUSBOnly is very good USB Password Protection software that not only adds security to your USB ports but also safeguard your system from the unauthorized access.
Features of MyUSBOnly:

Password protect USB ports.
  • Create a Device White list which allows access to certain USB Drives specified by you to access the system without any software (like your own drive).
  • Block untrusted USB Drives.
  • Run it invisibly and easily.
Whenever you insert any USB drive it will ask for the correct password, if entered wrong you won’t be able to use the drive.
Download MyUSBOnly