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Hack mobile using Super bluetooth Hack


now finally i get to access the message and contact of victims mobile  i.e  This is an often ask question by you....that Can i hack anyone's cell phone nd read his/her message? or can we call through his/her cell phone???

Then answer to your query is here You just need to follow them here :-

Things you will need:-

1. A bluetooth enabled phone
2. Super Bluetooth Hack Software(download from mobile9 link:-
3. and just u need is to follow the instructions here :)

 To use Super Bluetooth Hack.

Download the file and Install Super Bluetooth hack on your phone . Now go the App and Run it
Now select Connect and then choose the phone that has bluetooth ON. Connect with your friends Mobile and now you got all the option in your cell phone nd now u can use it too...Enjoyy!!!
Now you can use your phone to do the foll on that phone:

1. Read messages
2. Read contacts
3. Change profile
4. Play ringtone even if phone is on silent
5. play songs
6. Restart the phone7. Switch off the phone
8. Change ringing volume.
9. Restore factory settings
10. Control the phone.

and the most important