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Retain Your Mobile number while Switching between Cities [MOBILE PHONE PORTABILITY]


Retain Your Mobile number while Switching between Cities [MOBILE PHONE PORTABILITY]
A good news for the mobile users who are getting problem while switching between cities. Earlier, when someone switch from one city to another then he has to change his mobile number. But, now a interesting news from Delhi that we can retain our old mobile number while switching between cities. The technique behind it, is known as Mobile Phone portability.

In a move that will make mobile phone number portability (MNP) across the country a reality, an inter-ministerial panel approved a proposal that allows customers to retain their mobile numbers even after switching operator or location.

"The Telecom Commission has given in-principle approval to full MNP. Reference will be sent to TRAI for additional information and clarification," a government official said.

Currently, you have to pay roaming charges if you use your number outside your home city. Also, you will be billed on STD rates for the calls. A full MNP will help you do away with these charges as your new city becomes your home base without any change in the phone number.This is the news of relax for the outsiders, who have to switch between the cities.
Retain Your Mobile number while Switching between Cities [MOBILE PHONE PORTABILITY]

Narendra modi our new prime minister has recently approved this project. He put his first in the field of development. This news will be benificial not only for the customers but for the mobile companies too.
Full mobile number portability allows a user to retain number when he/she relocate to any part in the country. At present, the portability allows a user to switch to a different operator within the circle only while retaining the phone number.

Under National Telecom Policy (NTP) 2012, the government had envisaged implementing full MNP.Telecom regulator TRAI has asked DoT to give operators six months time from the date the full portability is approved for making suitable changes in their networks.

The move had seen subscribers shift from operator to another while retaining their number, after fulfilling some conditions. This gave people the freedom to easily shift from an operator in case he found his services unsatisfactory.

Once full MNP is in place, subscribers will have to dial numbers in the '+91' format — which is the standard dialling format — so that the calls get connected across the country without any trouble.