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Get 1000+ Instagram Followers | 1000+ Likes On All Your Instagram Photos !!!


Hi all users, I recently wrote a Guide on how to get 1000+ Instagram Followers and 1000+ Likes on all of your photos on there.

This is a extreme and very detailed Guide which includes a lot of screen shots to help you throughout the process, so please do show some appreciation as to leave some feedback or other ways you may find suitable, thanks.

I released this Guide yesterday on a different Forum, but here it is for you guys as well:

Just follow the Steps listed below and you will be on your way to gaining the load :

1. Get on your phone and make a new account for Instagram (this is required), this will act as a FAKE account in this proccess.

2. Once you have created the Account, go to your profile and add a Profile Picture, then edit your Bio (has to be over 5 characters), once you've done that take 5 random photos with it.

Now we are ready for the main part of this Guide.

3. Go to
4. Click on the 'New User? Register Here' button.

5. Once the new page loads, click 'How to get Authentication URL'.

6. Scroll down and click on the 'Click Here' link, that will log you out of any Instagrams account you may be logged in on the browser, now close that tab.

7. Once that is complete, click on the 'Authorize Instahoot' button.

8. This will pop up, just click OK and it will open a new tab.

9. Now, sign in with the FAKE account you made earlier.

10. Click on the 'Authorize' button.

11. Copy the address on the address bar that shows up, now close the tab, then go paste it in the 'Authentication URL' box and press 'Submit'.

12. It will ask you if it's a FAKE account, press 'Yes'.

Now we have to register an Instahoot Account.

13. Choose a Username and Password, then type in your REAL Instagram account Username (the on you want likes on) in the third box and click 'Submit'.

It will take a little while (10-30 Seconds) to register.

14. Once that is completed, Click 'Return'.

Hooray, it's about time to get them likes and followers. ;)

15. Now login to your Instahoot account we just created, once logged in, click 'Return'.

To Get Likes : Scroll down and Press 'Instalike Photo!' on the photo you want likes on, it will take a few seconds to add all the likes, it will then go back to the same page where you can 'Instalike' all your photos and any new ones to come.


Note :- You will only receive 200 - 250 likes on each photo, but you can 'Instalike' on the same photos every 24 hours, if you keep doing this you'll reach 1000+ likes on all your photos in a few days time!

To Get Followers : Press the 'Follow Me' button and it will add around 80-150 followers in a few seconds and will return back to the page.

You can use the 'Follow Me' feature once every 24 hours, if you keep at it, you will reach 1000+ Followers in a no time.

Enjoy the likes and followers everyone!