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Batch File Programming book for beginners written by Premkumar .S


Batch File Programming book for beginners 

This book "Batch File Programming" is written after experimenting and testing all the snippets covered in this book. Batch File Programming is a pretty old one, but i have found lot of books that have not covered the dark side of the batch which still remains untold the ultimate goal of this book is to make the readers understand how it works what are the limitations of the batch what else is possible with a batch construction useful programs with various views creating a batch virus by misusing the commands creating a batch file to an executable and lot more.


  • Batch File programming
  • Internal and external commands
  • Run line commands                                             
  • Batch operator
  • Basic commands
  • Environment variable
  • Lopping statement
  • Conditional statement
  • Commands associated with files and folder
  • Network troubleshooting comands
  • Code snippets
  • Virus programming
  • Converting batch to executable Registered & Protected