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There are various website like google, youtube etc that ask for sms verification before registration. Verification Bypass means creating gmail account without SMS verification code that is generated by Google Systems to enforce users to enter their mobile numbers and receive the verification code. As users receive Google verification code, they have to enter it on the submission forms and that is the only way to create gmail account. Unfortunately, your mobile number is only valid for only a few of Gmail accounts. So when you try to put same mobile number more than allowed number of times, Google System restricts you and you cant create more gmail accounts.

we present you a simple trick to bypass it —
2.   copy one of the two number written below and put in the fields where they are asking for sms    registration

3.   then simple go back to and click the number u have selected there u will find your code sent by google, youtube or other websites.
                                                 I Hope u will enjoy this Tutorial ! Registered & Protected